Electoral Parties in the Republic of Ireland

This is a timeline of parties that have stood for elections at Oireachtas or local level in the Republic of Ireland (and the Free State).

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  • A party entry with an arrow point left

    Parties at the start of the timeline with an arrow indicate that party existed before the start of the timeline.

  • A small circular party entry

    Parties whose existence was shorter than two years appear as a circle. Hover or touch to expand.

  • A party timeline ending with dashes

    A dashed line at the end of a party's timeline indicates that the end date is estimated.

  • A mouse pointer over an information symbol showing it expanded.

    Hover over or touch information markers along the date line at the top to show events in that year.

  • A party timeline with a circle indicating an event in that year.

    Events on a party's timeline are indicated by an information circle. Hover or touch to expand.